Oscillator Tube Suppliers

Oscillators’ main function is to convert DC or direct current into an AC or alternating current signal. This kind of conversion is widely required in various appliances. This makes an oscillator tube a widely manufactured and used product. Oscillators are used in the simplest devices to the most complicated ones. Oscillator tubes are used in simple clocks to instruments like calculators, peripherals, and complex computers. The oscillators generate signals, and these usually include broadcast signals from television, radio, and transmitters. It also generates clock signals for computers, quartz clocks, etc. It also generates the sound produced from video games and electronic beepers.

Oscillators are the easiest way to generate a certain frequency of signals. They cost very low and are very efficient. They work with a sensitive amplifier, which in this case is the tube. There are different kinds of oscillators to produce a different range of frequencies. For instance, and RC oscillator generates a low frequency while the LC oscillator generates a high frequency. This versatility makes it highly demanded. In India, the oscillator tube is used for various designations like radio-electronic devices, measuring devices, induction heating, in laboratories, and much more. Every oscillator works differently depending upon various factors like their number of electrodes, frequency, the power generated at the anode, the container’s construction, etc. APC Technology is a manufacturer of oscillator tube for textile in India. Since oscillators have varying roles, you can search through the various oscillators of different frequencies that fit your requirement. We provide oscillators that function in various forms like oscillator for textile, etc.

In the oscillator circuit, the tube itself doesn’t act as an oscillator. The tube continues to act as the amplifier that amplifies the voltage. This is the voltage applied to the grid and is sent to the plate through the circuit. When the circuit is coupled with the grid circuit, the tube continues to amplify. The tube becomes an oscillator when the signal excites itself. Ultimately the oscillator converts the DC or direct current into AC or alternating current.

Many devices demand the simple function of converting DC into AC, be it small or complex. These are some of the most common applications of oscillator tubes:

  • Used in various TV, radios, and communication devices
  • Quartz watches
  • Used in textiles
  • Used to produce clock pulses for micro-controllers and microprocessors
  • Used in stun guns, ultrasonic, detectors, inverters, etc.
  • Used in metal detectors, radio frequency applications, computers, ultrasonic, etc.
  • Used in buzzes and alarms
  • Used in decorative lights like dancing lights
  • Used in various video systems and audio systems

Oscillator tubes are also used for textiles, welding machines, food drying machines, induction hardening, and much more. The varying frequencies allow the oscillators to be used in suitable measures. Inductions demand high frequencies, while simpler devices like a clock don’t require a high frequency.

Our company manufactures oscillators for every kind of usage. If you are looking for a simple oscillator or an oscillator for a much complex task, you can find it at APC Technologies. Our company provides the best quality oscillator tube for textile at a low cost when compared to the market price. You can scan through the oscillators of varying frequencies and usages to find the right one. High or low frequency, we bring forward every kind, for every type of task.