Disc Type Capacitor and Tank Capacitor in India

Disc type capacitors are manufactured with a ceramic coating. They’re often also known as ceramic disk capacitors. They come equipped with silver contacts attached to both sides. The capacitances of these capacitors can be increased by adding multiple layers. The multi-layered capacitors are known as MLCCs. These are more favored than the standard capacitor. If the capacitance is allowed, then MLCCs are usually used. The capacitance value of ceramic disc capacitors can range from 10pF to 100pF. They come in a wide range of voltage ratings as well. Capacitors can be bought with voltages anywhere from 16 volts to 15kV.

MLCCs are widely used in the electronics industry. Disc type capacitors can be used for countless reasons and in ways, so they are manufactured on a very large scale. One of the high-precision work of a disc capacitor is a resonant circuit. High voltage power supplies, induction furnaces, circuit breakers, etc., use class 2 power capacitors. Smaller forms of capacitors are used in circuit boards. Even capacitors of the size of a grain of sand are manufactured for high-density applications. Another use of disc type capacitor is in AC-DC converters. These appliances stress high-frequency components and high electrical noises. Ceramic capacitors are also used for the general purpose of capacitors. They are not polarized, and a large variety of capacitors are available with variable sizes, capacitances, and voltage ratings, which makes them highly versatile.

Capacitors are not just used in the electronic industries, but they are also used by many hobbyists interested in the field of robotics. If you are one of them, then you must be familiar with the ceramic disc capacitors. Capacitors in robotics are used to minimize the RF noise across DC motors.

As a disc type capacitor supplier, we usually sell these capacitors in bulk. The price of disc capacitors varies, but not by much. The cost of disc type capacitors per piece can be Rs.0.5 to Rs.5. Since they are usually bought in packages or bulk, the cost increases accordingly.

Tank capacitor is another type of capacitor which is widely manufactured. This capacitor is a polyester film capacitor. It is used in heating tanks. Tank capacitor is a low-frequency capacitor consisting of an electrode made of aluminum foil, a non-inductive coil, and insulation material made of pp film. The aluminum part of the capacitor is further coated with epoxy. This prevents it from catching flame or fire. A tank capacitor is small in size and shape, it is very light in weight. This electronic accessory is very easy to install, maintain, and handle. Tank capacitors have a long working life and a compact shape rustproof surface. Its competitive price is one of its big factors. APC technologies is one of the best tank capacitor supplier in India. We are a growth-oriented manufacturer of disc type capacitors and tank capacitors supplier in India. The cost of a tank capacitor can vary majorly depending on what its use is. The cost of a tank capacitor can range from Rs.300 to Rs.3000. At APC technologies, you can find the best quality capacitors at the best price in all variables for every kind of use. We provide you with the best quality capacitors for all types of functioning.